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Changzhou Weitefu Tools Co., Ltd. is an enterprise engaged in the design, manufacture and sale of tungsten carbide tools. It mainly produces tungsten carbide non-standard end milling cutters, non-standard tungsten steel drills, forming cutters, reamers, PCD cutters, boring,  cutter tools etc. WTFTOOLS can design various non-standard carbide cutting tools for customers. Widely used in mechanical processing centers, cable production, flexible manufacturing units and automatic production, including automotive engines, diesel engines, motorcycles, compressors, electronics, aircraft factory and other mechanical industries.
I. Integral cemented carbide non-standard tungsten carbide tools
(1) non-standard drilling bit tools
Tungsten carbide non-standard center drill, tungsten carbide non-standard horizontal drill, tungsten carbide customized twist drill,step drill, polishing drill,reamer,composite drill,deep hole drill.
(2) non-standard end milling cutters
Tungsten carbide non-standard taper milling cutter,solid carbide non-standard T-slot end milling cutter,dovetail groove end milling cutter, ball end milling cutter, profiled milling cutter,rounded corner milling cutter.
2. Welded non-standard cutters: forming cutter and three-edge compound reamer bit milling cutter.
3. Gauge: Tungsten carbide rod with pass gauge.
Thanks to knowledge, continuous improvement of qualifications and response to market demand, Tools designed and manufactured by WTFTOOLS have been well accepted in China and abroad, including in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, India and so on. We continue to develop new products, improve production technology, and strengthen the construction of technical team and after-sales service team. Our goal is to produce non-standard tools of tungsten carbide steel with better quality in China

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