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Processing Customized Carbide drilling Bits

WTFTOOLS customized non-standard solid carbide end mill, drills bit,reamer,forming cutter and other tools
Summary: Processing Flow of Customized Non-standard Tungsten Carbide drilling Bit-Changzhou WTFTOOL,1. Determine the material of the drill bit that the customer needs....

 Processing Flow of Customized Non-standard Tungsten Carbide drilling Bit-Changzhou WTFTOOL
Non-standard tungsten carbide drill manufacturer customization, Changzhou WTFTOOL professional customization of solide carbide non-standard deep hole drill bench bit shaping drill tungsten steel double-bit bit bit, etc., non-standard customization drills refers to the size of parameters in the conventional accidental model, but also includes some special material processing can also choose customized production!
The drill bit is mainly composed of three kinds of material, processing technology and parameter size. There is no special requirement for the normal processing technology. The material and parameter size of the workpiece are the main keys of non-standard. The material of the workpiece is generally selected according to the material processed, and the parameter size is very important. Whether the total length of the edge diameter, the total length of the blade and the diameter of the handle, there will be non-standard requirements. Choose non-standard bit customization, non-standard bit customization, in addition to some conventional non-standard size customization, this is the step non-standard bit customization, that is, compound bit, with step bit processing step hole drill!
Customized Processing Flow of Tungsten Steel Non-standard Bit Manufacturers
1. Determine the material of the drill bit that the customer needs.
2. Determine the material of the workpiece to be processed, such as stainless steel, aluminium alloy, cast iron and other metal materials.
3. Determining the size of the bit - Including the bit's edge diameter, edge length, total length and handle diameter in mm
4. Determine the customized number of non-standard bits
5. Advance payment-drawings-customer confirmation.
6. Arrange production and proofing (sample delivery is normally 3-5 days, normal order is 5-7 days)
7. Final Payment - Confirmation of Receiving Address - Arrangement of Delivery
Changzhou WTFTOOL Factory undertakes non-standard drill bits with non-standard size, tungsten steel quality, non-standard design requirements, mainly according to the size and shape to set, determine the material to be processed and use equipment, according to the above points can accurately clarify the requirements of a drill bit! Non-standard tungsten steel drills customized in WTFTOOL, Changzhou, generally have a minimum order of 5-10. Welcome to inquire!

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